Monday, February 7, 2011


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Collateral Damage: A Chronicle of Lives Devastated by Gas and Oil Development and the Valiant Grassroots Fight to Effect Political and Legislative Change Over the Impacts of the Gas and Oil Industry in the United States, by Tara Meixsell, examines the effectiveness with which our legislators and public officials protect us from the health and environmental impacts of fossil-fuel development. The 350-page book chronicles the experiences of the residents of Garfield County, Colorado, who live at the epicenter of gas and oil development. Few people, even within the environmental community, are aware of the extraordinary devastation that has occurred in Western Colorado -- and indeed, in communities throughout the United States -- particularly over the last decade, thanks to the post 9-11 energy frenzy. Gas wells are drilled 150 feet from homes, while toxic and undisclosed chemicals pollute the air and water. Citizens sickened -- sometimes permanently -- by the practice of "off gassing" from the open pits and wells are literally knocked to the ground, overcome by fumes. Domestic water wells erupt and are fouled, and the industry credo is to deny any wrongdoing. The current world situation has set the stage for lax to non-existent regulation of the domestic gas and oil industry, sanctioned by former President George W. Bush's energy friendly administration which allowed industry-biased regulations and accelerated development. As a result, the American West has become open range, and those living near gas and oil development are collateral damage.

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